Unique handmade jewelry to remind you of the beach, the surf, the sun, the sand…

If you love the beach, and a long carefree walk along the shore is just about your favorite place on earth – then my sea glass jewelry may strike a chord in you.

My goal in every ring and every piece of jewelry I make is to provide the owner with access to that wonderful memory of sea salt air, sandy feet, warm sun on your skin, and cool mist from the surf and the carefree beauty that is part of all these things.

If you’re a beach lover, you have spent many memorable times with family and friends wandering the beach, swimming, riding your cruiser, reading on the sand, and dreaming as the sun sets. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the chaos of our everyday lives – but keeping that relaxed beach vibration with you can really help!

My wife fell in love with sea glass jewelry some time ago. We met a shop owner who said her husband made the jewelry in her shop, and the idea was born. I wasn’t sure how one went about crafting this fine sterling silver jewelry, but I took the time to learn.

Handmade in California

All of my work is made by me alone, in my workshop in Redondo Beach, California. I use only sterling silver and fine silver, and genuine surf tumbled beach/sea glass. All purchases will arrive in an attractive little whitewashed beachy wooden chest gift box, with your jewelry purchase nestled safely inside it.

Now, I spend my free time crafting these one-of-a-kind lifestyle rings, pendants and earrings for those whose love of the beach is always close to their hearts. I hope you enjoy my work and it brings you the peace and energy of the beach.