Ring Size

These rings can be sized up about a half size, but not down. The sea glass stone is somewhat delicate so changing the ring size is not really an option, aside from getting about 1/2 size larger, which we can do for you, or a jeweler can do in about 5 minutes.

If you’re not sure of your ring size, stop by a local jewelry store. They will size you for free.


USA shipping is flat $2.00

International shipping is flat $14.00

We only ship internationally to Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and UK. If you are outside this region please contact us to see if we can ship to your location.


We accept returns within 14 days after we ship in USA and within 25 days internationally. Buyer pays for return shipping, and it’s important to contact us before you return item to receive a Return ID.


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Sea Glass vs. Cultured Sea Glass or Art Glass

Most of our items are handmade using genuine sea glass that was surf tumbled in the ocean for many years. Being tossed around in the surf for many 10, 20 or 30 years leaves the glass with it’s unique pocky sand-blasted surface, which has become a sought after and appreciated look. Unless an item is described as “art glass” or “cultured sea glass”, you can be sure all items are genuine sea glass. Most of our sea glass comes from Puerto Rican beaches.

“Cultured sea glass” or “art glass” means glass that was tumbled or textured to look like real sea glass.  Occasionally, we make jewelry with art glass because there are some really nice looking pieces that become available and the jewelry looks great… but we always describe it as “art glass” or “cultured sea glass”. We don’t want to mislead you.

Care and Cleaning Your Sea Glass Jewelry

  • Do NOT wear your sea glass ring in the shower, swimming or while doing dishes
  • You do NOT want to get water underneath the sea glass stone, as it could get trapped under the stone and tarnish or discolor the silver bezel
  • Skin oils and daily wear can dull your sea glass. Simply scrub it with a toothbrush and a tiny bit of soap and little water. Dry afterward.
  • You can use silver polish on the sterling silver from time to time
  • Remember your sea glass is glass of course, and it could break if dropped or hit hard