Sea Glass Ring $55

Keep the beauty of the gentle ocean surf with you always….

This gorgeous and striking handmade ring will wow your friends and family! Calming sea foam green with a hint of blue in the glass, which is genuine surf tumbled sea glass from a sandy white beach in sunny Costa Rica.

The finish on this ring is a natural matte finish.

This ring has a medium to large sized piece of sea glass in the setting. It’s pretty good size and will stand out!

This one-of-a-kind ring makes an unforgettable gift – to yourself, or to someone else.

The ring is size US 6.

The calming sea foam glass will remind you of your favorite carefree beach trips with it’s organic and artistic good looks.

NOTE: * There is a slight imperfection on the silver bezel that surrounds the stone. See last photo – there is a small line in the silver. This does not affect the ring structurally at all and should not cause any problems whatsoever over the life of the ring. Very hard to see unless you study the ring very closely. But this ring is discounted due to the imperfection. *

Free Wooden Beach Gift Box Included

All rings come in a beachy handmade wooden gift box, similar to the one shown at left (actual ring shown is just an example ring).