Sea glass can be pretty difficult to find – sorry for that news! However, if you have the time, you can do it. Others do it, so you can too.

Research Online

Most of the best sea glass beaches are discussed online. Typically, these are beaches that used to have glass factories near them at some point – back maybe 30, 40, 50 years ago, or more. Often the glass factories would through their extra glass and scrap glass into the ocean believe it or not. This was their method of disposing of the glass they didn’t want.

Low Tide

The technique is to go to a beach at low tide, and walk down toward the water as far as you can until you see the area where small stones and shells are washing back and forth. Then the fun begins. You just need to comb along the beach, looking especially as the tide pulls back, to reveal the layer of shells, stones and hopefully you will spot the odd piece of colored glass.

Dash in as fast as you can to scoop it up before the tide washes over the glass you’ve spotted. Some people use a little net on a stick to scoop up a portion of sand where they spotted the sea glass.

Famous Sea Glass Beaches

Fort Bragg, CA – Sea Glass Beach
This is an old dumping site which I’ve visited and it’s pretty cool. There are stretches of the beach with very little sand at all… it’s all small sea glass, several inches deep. You’re not supposed to take any glass from this beach, and there’s virtually nothing that is jewelry grade. It’s mostly all very small white, brown and green glass.